Friday 5: “Touch that dial”

Please feel free to define TV anyway you wish.

What’s the most boring thing on TV?
I’ll cheat a little for this first one. Parks and Rec is still the default background show in our house. We quote it all the time and don’t have to focus on every detail, so I’d say it’s boring in the way of worn-in shoes.

What’s the most enlightening thing on TV?
The answer is probably something I’ve scrolled past despite good reviews. I just haven’t felt like…thinking very hard? I dunno. (Then again, I do have a season and a half left of The Good Place, which I enjoy a lot and actually seems hopeful about its characters finding some in-universe enlightenment.)

What’s the most comforting thing on TV?
The Great British Bake Off is so cozy and lovely.

What’s the tawdriest thing on TV?
From what I’ve read, The Idol did its best to win this particular title.

What’s the most thrilling thing on TV?
BeefThe Fall of the House of Usher, and Leave the World Behind all seriously stressed me out last year.

Thanks for participating, and have a MASHy, safe weekend!