Friday 5: “Stolen 5”

I was going to write 5 questions inspired by the songs of Barry Manilow, but then I did this 40-question thing on FB this evening and rather enjoyed it, so I’m stealing the better questions, with some editing to suit my purposes. I’ll put the whole list in the comments in case you want to do them, but don’t get any ideas. These 5 are the official (stolen) 5. We are not becoming the Friday 40, despite the appealing alliteration.

What do you drink in the morning?
These days I like regular black coffee, plain tea, lemon water, kombucha. But it took me years to stop drinking calories for breakfast.

What was the last song you heard?
♪ m-flo, melody., Ryohei Yamamoto – miss you

(From Earl’s playlist, since he drove us home earlier.)

What are your feelings about ghosts?
Everyone’s haunted. We all make choices to spread kindness or pain. Those choices ripple beyond the people we love and hurt in our own time. Those choices write futures we don’t get to see. That’s why the stuff we do and say to each other matters.

How do you feel about camping?
Camping is fun when I’m invited and there is a toilet.

What are your thoughts on showers vs. baths?
It’s not that I’m opposed to baths, just that they’re usually better in my head than when I’m finally sitting in one.

Thank you for participating, and have a wonderful, dry, warm, safe weekend!

One thought on “Friday 5: “Stolen 5””

  1. Yes! I agree that baths are ultimately disappointing. I freeze before I got into my book or glass of wine or whatever pampery thing I’m supposed to do while soaking.

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