Friday 5: “Random topic generator”

Questions inspired by a random topic generator I found via Google.

How much experience do you have with tobacco?
None, personally. It’s hard to get past the smell.

What have you made with wood?
Around fifth or sixth grade I remember using scissors to pare the goldenrod paint off of No. 2 pencils, then whittling little X-crosses along their sides.

What do you think of farmers markets in your area?
The nearest one is more like a food fair. OB and Hillcrest had good selections when I visited, but I haven’t checked them out since before the pandemic.

What’s a good movie, novel, or TV show containing a shipwreck?
I’ve always had a dorky attachment to the dreamy, wistful, silly adventure that is Joe Versus the Volcano (1990).

What’s a good song with the word magic in its title or lyrics?
“Black Magic” by Little Mix is another cheesy pick I’ll sheepishly bop to. Plus I’m pretty sure that’s the song a friend used in her vlog of my time with her in Orlando, where she’d relocated for her first nursing job.

Thanks for participating, and have a pleasant, lovely, warm, safe weekend!

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